Why Games n Ganja?

Life is like a game. We all have our monsters to fight.

Technology was created to enhance our lives, not replace them.

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Right now, there are parents with sick children who are fighting for the right to use Cannabis, Marijuana, Ganja, etc. to treat their kids. Even more of these people are suffering from aliments like PTSD, ADHD, depression, etc.

Now ask yourself, what truly makes you feel better? Natural medicine made for the body to treat the symptoms instead of covering them up? Or maybe playing a game with someone you can connect with?

This project hopes to create a space for people to be people again and machines to stay the tool they really are instead of the bringer of ignorance and greed they are becoming.

Get Inspired

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new." -Socrates

Real Life Experience

Use your day to day activities to gain Experience points.

Reach Higher

Level Up your life and reach for the stars!

Get Connected

Make friends, Join groups, Experience events.

Gain a Life

Create the Lifestyle of your Dreams!

The above sounds like what all systems promise. But the truth is: change has to come from within because it connects with who you are...on the inside.

Everyone has started a new workout plan, diet, resolution, etc. doesn't work.
What do you have to look forward to?
Thinking about how much you'd rather be doing something else?

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